28 December 2020
A new, new website

me sitting in my new homeHello dear Readers,

If you're reading this it means you've found me on my new, new website!

2020 has been a very boring year and I haven't been able to get out and about so much. So after many years of being based in the Children's Corner of St Mary's church in Plumtree, I have escaped and I now live in Leicestershire (but don't tell anyone in Plumtree 'cos they don't know yet!). There is a long story here, which involves my near-identical Australian cousin "Big Tod" and I'll tell it to you one day. I think Leicestershire is very difficult to spell but I s'pose I'll get used to it.

Update: You might like to read my new page What's a Doppelganger?

And 'cos I've moved, I've changed my ursine resource locator to www.bigtedonline.uk (so if you can't find me, that's what's happened). Auntie Fiona says you should still be able to "goggle me" when she's got it sorted. The old url will stop working after the 17th January (it will re-direct for a short time).

It's all very exciting. And it snowed a little today!

Love, Big Ted 


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