23 September 2021
Market Harborough - Number 339

Hello Dear Reader,

big ted at st mary's, market harboroughI've been to another local St Mary's, this time in Market Harborough. This is a nice town quite near to where I now live in Kib. It has lots of shops, a railway station and a church called St Dionysus (bet that's confused you!).

But it also has an old, disused, broken down church called St Mary's, and, even more confusingly, the sign calls it "St Mary in Arden Church". You can click on this photo to see a bigger version but you might not be able to see all the words.

The church originated in the 12th century and was the chapel of Great Bowden. Then about 1658 the steeple fell down taking much of the church with it. It was rebuilt in 1694 and then was finally de-roofed in the 1950s and nearly demolished in 1971 (I'm not sure why they stopped!).

You can read a bit more about my visit (and see more pictures of ME) on my Leicestershire page.

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