23 October 2021
Another lovely holiday

I've been away on holiday again, this time to Norfolk and Suffolk staying in a place called Lowestoft (which was a bit windy). I visited lots of new St Mary's churches (I've got up to number 353!) and I've written all about them on my Norfolk and Suffolk pages.

On the Sunday of my holiday I took the day off from church visiting - I don't like to visit in case they're having a service. Instead I went to the East Anglia Transport Museum in Carlton Colville which is next to Lowestoft.

It was all very exciting - I travelled on three things beginning "tr": Tram, Train and Trolleybus!

I've been on a tram before (see my T'riffic Transport Tales), so I knew what to expect. We went to the end of the line, Uncle Les pushed his seat back to face the other way (it was very posh, the seat bottom moved as well), and we came back again. I wanted to go on the other tram as well, but it was only little and always full.

The train was the "East Suffolk Light Railway", which is actually a 2ft gauge railway - I've not been on one of those before (I have been on normal-sized trains though). It was quite wobbly and didn't have any springs. The seat was quite shiny wood and I nearly fell off (off the seat, not the train - that would have been truly awesome)!

I've saved the best for last - the trolleybus was amazing! It's like a cross between a tram and a normal bus but it doesn't have rails and it's powered by overhead electric cables. We went round the museum "town" three times, and really fast down the main bit and round the corners. I think the driver was racing against the tram and the train. It made me want to go "Wheeeee!" a lot.

You can see me on the tram, train and trolleybus in the photos below (click on the picture to see a bigger one).

big ted on a trambig ted on a narrow gauge trainbig ted on a trolleybus

We also looked around the museum-y bit and Uncle Les took photos of me sitting on and inspecting various things: a line painting machine; a milk float and sitting in a roadman's living van.

big ted looking at a line painterbig ted looking at a milk floatbig ted in a living van

I also sat on a tractor (ooh! another "tr" thing; but I didn't travel on it so it didn't really count) and played at post office.

big ted on a tractorbig ted pretends to work in a post officeoutside of the roadman's living van

It was a very int'resting afternoon - and I didn't fall off anything, which was good, although a couple of dogs gave me very worrying looks.


Love, Big Ted big ted's paw print

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