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Travels of a Bear (with splendid fur!)

Bears I have met

While travelling around the country visiting St Mary's churches I've sat on a lot of fonts, played the drums (twice), and sat on one donkey (or it may be two), two rocking horses (so far) and a metal sheep. I've also been very lucky to meet a lot of other bears. My life used to be just like theirs; sitting in the corner in church and trying to keep the visiting children under control. When I meet another bear I like to have a good chat with them. I tell them about some of the places I've been and what I've done (but they usually don't believe me!).

For all you bear fans, I've put together a gallery of photos showing me with the bears I've met. You can click on a photo to see a bigger version (and to see comments I may have made). I've put them in the order that I met them (not alphabetic'ly) 'cos it's easier that way; starting with Little Ted, of course.

What a lot of lovely bears - and some other creatures!