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Big Ted's Detailed Map

I've made this map so you can see where all the lovely St Mary's churches that I've visited are.

Red map iconEach little red pin is a different St Mary's church; click on the pin to see the name of the village, click on the "details" link to see a picture of me at the church.

Blue map iconAnd, the blue pin (buried somewhere in the middle) is where I live when I'm not out and about visiting churches and other stuff.

Map plus symbolYou can click on this symbol on the map to zoom in (you'll need to do this 'cos there's a lot of places squshed together) and ...

Map minus symbol... click on this symbol to zoom out (make places further away). Or is it the other way round?

(Or you can use your mouse wheelie thing, or pinch your fingers (if you have them!), depending on what you're looking at this on.)