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This page will help you keep up-to-date with what I've been up to and where I've been.

I'll also let you know here when I've made changes to my website that I hope you will like to see.

Big Ted's News Stories

Out and about again

Added by Fiona Carruthers at 18:15 on 04 February 2024

Well, this is exciting. Uncle Les and Auntie Fiona have bought a new "Tedmobile" and I've just h...

Happy Christmas!

Added by Fiona Carruthers at 16:45 on 21 December 2023

Hello dear reader, and a Happy Crimble to you! I've woken up from my annual hidernation [I think you mean ...

Some Exciting News! UPDATED

Added by Fiona Carruthers at 11:15 on 06 September 2023

After having some disappointment with my holibobs this year (due to the car breaking down - twice - and then a...