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About ME!

Me at home in KibworthThis page is all about ME! (My favourite subject [snigger!]).

As you know, I'm Big Ted and I like to rove around the country visiting churches (mostly St Mary's churches - for historical reasons, see below) and other stuff, and generally enjoying myself.

I first came to prominence when I was found sitting (snoozing quietly - I don't snore, no matter what Little Ted said) in the Children's Corner in St Mary’s church in Plumtree. My role was to keep all the other toys in order and be cuddled by visiting children (not too difficult a task).

Me reading my old bookBut I also had another important job: Roving Ambassador for St Mary's Church, Plumtree (and I had a special T-shirt to let everyone know it!). That meant I got out and about from time to time. As well as these web pages, I sometimes wrote articles for the parish magazine (these are all on My History page) - but I'm a 21st century internet bear who has moved on [cyberspace-type snigger] and now I just write here on my website.

One of my special tasks as a Roving Ambassador was to visit as many other St Mary's churches as I could. I usually did this when I was away on my holidays, but sometimes I just took the day off and visited a local St Mary's. So far I've visited over 400 St Mary's churches in 20 different English counties (and some in Wales as well). You can read all about them on my St Mary's Churches page. I've met some really nice people and seen some lovely churches. Unfortunately, there are an awful lot of St Mary's churches so I may not get to visit them all.

I have now retired as a Roving Ambassador and moved from Plumtree to a lovely place in Leicestershire called Kibworth Beauchamp (but I just call it "Kib" 'cos it's very long and hard to write); but I hope to still rove about a bit when I can. I've got some new T-shirts too, they're very smart (but a bit long which means I have to hoik them up a bit round my tummy and I look baggy, which I don't like!) [They're all sorted now, Big Ted, you look fabulous!].

To help you see what St Mary's Plumtree is like, Uncle Les has added some really clever code to some photos on my Then and Now page. You can see the church as it was around 1900 (well before my time I hasten to add), how it looks now and sweep a thingy across to compare the two.

You can read more about me on other pages on this website, specif'cly:


When I was living in Plumtree in the Children's Corner, I sat with my friend Little Ted. I've let him say a bit about himself here (just to shut him up really; he does nag!). I miss his nagging ways (sometimes!).

Little Ted

Little TedHello everyone, I'm Little Ted. I live in the Children's Corner at St Mary's Church in Plumtree with all the other toys.

As you can see I'm wearing a very posh outfit that was knitted specially for me. Actually that's not quite true. It was really knitted for Big Ted but, because he's such a BIG Ted, it didn't fit him at all. But it fits me perfectly and the jacket has a nice hood that I can snuggle into when the weather's cold and Uncle Tony's turned the church heating off.

I always stayed here in church when Big Ted went off on his excursions. When he came back he would tell me all about it (I think he exaggerated some bits too - I mean, who's ever heard of a bear riding on a donkey!).

Please come and say "Hello" when you are in church; it'll be great fun to see you.

P.S. He does snore really! And Uncle Les had to buy a special wide-angle lens for his camera so he could fit Big Ted's huge feet and ears in the photos! [Heh, heh!]

P.P.S. I miss him too - but I don't miss the snoring! And I'm still not sure about this Big Tod character. He's got a very strange accent!