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I've recently visited all these lovely St Mary's Churches in Bedfordshire. I like Bedfordshire, it makes me think of bed and snoozing, which is my biggest hobby (even bigger than visiting St Mary's churches!). Click on a picture to read a bit more about the church (and, more importantly, see more pictures of me!).

Bletsoe (331)


Carlton (329)

big ted and church notice board   big ted and church notice board

Felmersham (330)


Oakley (332)

big ted and church notice board   big ted and church notice board

Stevington (333)

big ted and church notice board    


331. Bletsoe

I couldn't get into this church, but I met some men digging up the front garden - I wonder if they found any bodies. [They were digging up unwanted weeds from the churchyard, not bodies, Big Ted]. I had quite a chat with them, and they were interested to hear all about me and my travels.

This was my first St Mary's in Bedfordshire - I like the sound of this county, lots of snoozing possibilities (bed - snoozing - geddit?).

329. Carlton

big ted on fontThis church was open so I went inside to have a look around and explore the font. Note the nice, flat font cover - my favourite sort; no "falling-off incidents" likely here!

330. Felmersham

big ted on fontbig ted with winnie the pooh

I sat on the wall for my photo - I would like to point out here that I was not responsible for the crack in the wall; it was there before I sat down.

This church was open so I could go inside and look at the font. This was not a good cover - I had to hang on really tight (and I confess there may have been a little assistance supporting my rear).

For the first time in ages I met another bear and had a good chat. He was a Winnie-the-Pooh-type-bear and had a friend who looked like a very strange pig (he didn't say much and I didn't like to ask!).

332. Oakley

big ted tries the doorthe clock at st mary's oakley

This was a big church, but I couldn't go inside it. There was a lovely little door in the tower that was just my size, so I pretended to use it.

There was also a notice on the main door saying they are going to do something to the clock - they need to, it wasn't saying the right time and what's more it only had one hand (maybe they're saving up to fit another one)!

333. Stevington

big ted on fontbig ted in a pensive mood

I managed to get inside this church and had a look around. The font has curly bits on the cover, so I stuck my paw in one to hang on tight.

I then had a pensive think sitting on a table near the door as it was the end of a very long day.


big ted visits stevington's holy wellThere's also a holy well here. I went to have a look at it, and fortunately I didn't fall in. But it was a bit prickly and damp. The well is "a natural spring that issues from the rock on which Stevington church is built" and is s'posed to cure eye problems - I can't see it myself [snigger!].


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