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My History in 13 12 Magazine Articles

somerton news magaineAfter my travels in October 2021, I was asked to write an article for the lovely people at Somerton News, and here it is in the Somerton News - November 2021 edition. I'm on pages 14 and 18 with some lovely pictures of ME!

My article begins: "West Somerton is the 352nd St Mary's that I've visited since I started travelling around in July 2015! I really like it."


There are also some  excellent pictures of animals in other parts of the magazine - it's well worth a look.


As you probably know, I quite often wrote articles for the Parish Magazine at St Mary's, Plumtree. Here are 12 of the articles I wrote which will give you a bit more stuff about ["insight into" might be a better phrase here, Big Ted] my background. I hope you like reading about my exploits.

I like this photo of me - I'm pretending to be stuck in a metal arty thing in Welshpool (that's in Wales you know). [The sculpture is to commemorate the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway, you are stuck in the "cab" which is made from spanners, Big Ted.]

Little Ted was keeping a scrapbook of my articles in the Children's Corner, but for some reason the clippings got rather squished and cakey. So I said I would make him a special page, here on my website, where he can read all the articles again (and admire my peculiarly prolific purple prose [snigger!]). And this is it. I've saved all my articles as PDF files so you can read them on your computer or phone; just click on a thumbnail picture or the link underneath the picture to read them.

(Not having thumbs, I wasn't entirely sure what a thumbnail was until Auntie Fiona showed me; they're quite nifty for links!).


Bears on a Bicycle

(October / November 2018)

Websites and other Wonders

(December 2017 / January 2018)

Big Ted Carries On

(October / November 2017)

Big Ted Hits 100

(August / September 2017)

Easter Diary

(June / July 2017)

Fun with Candles

(April / May 2017)

Big Ted's Christmas

(February / March 2017)

A Life Cairn and Other Matters

(December 2016 / January 2017)

What I Did on My Holidays

(October / November 2016)

A Busy Week

(August / September 2016)

The Bread Run

(June / July 2016)

Big Ted Bounces Back

(my very first article, from 2015)


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