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big ted outside plumtree churchI've made this map so you can see where all the lovely St Mary's churches that I've visited are.

Red map pin Each little red pin is a different St Mary's church; hover over the pin to see the name of the village, click on the pin to see a picture of me at the church. (At one church there's an outline instead of a picture of me 'cos it was very, very rainy and I didn't want to get wet. Can you find it?)
Green map pin The green pins are other interesting places that I've visited that don't have St Mary's churches; hover over the pin to see the name of the place, click on the pin to see a picture of me taken when I was there. (In one case I'm not actually in the picture [disgraceful, what were they thinking] and in another I'm sitting in a window of a cottage and you can hardly see me.)
Blue map pin And, the blue pin is where I live when I'm not out and about visiting churches and other stuff.
plus sign image to zoom in You can click on this symbol at the bottom of the map to zoom in (make the the places closer) and ...
minus sign image to zoom out ... click on this symbol to zoom out (make places further away). 

Dear Reader, Hello! And if you've visited this page before "Welcome Back!" Please click the Refresh button thingy on your browser to see the latest updates to my map 'cos I've added lots more places I've visited and otherwise you might not see them. You'll have to click the + button too 'cos there's a lot splatted together. Thank you.

Love, Big Ted  big ted's paw print



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