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I've managed to visit every St Mary's Church in the county of Rutland (mind you, there are only seven [snigger]). It was a bit cold so I wore a hat to most of them. I'm not sure that it suits me, but it keeps my wonderful ears warm. Click on a picture to read a bit more about the church (and to see more pictures of me!).

September 2018: I've just been informed that my researchers have got it wrong; I've not visited every St Mary's in Rutland, one got missed off the list. Grrr!

October 2018: I've just visited the missing one, Greetham. Hurrah!

November 2018: And now there's another one, Ayston, looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust. I don't know why I pay my researchers; they're obviously not up to the job! [You don't pay your researchers, Big Ted, they do it because..., well nobody knows why they do it!].

May 2021: After a long delay (moving house, Coronavirus and other stuff) I think I've done it! I've visited Ayston as well. I'm going to have to go away and double-check all my findings, but it looks as though I really have visited all nine St Mary's Churches in the county of Rutland

Ashwell (138)


Ayston (321)

big ted and church notice board   big ted and church notice board

Clipsham (140)


Ketton (135)

big ted and church notice board   big ted sitting on church wall

Edith Weston (137)


Greetham (181)

big ted and church notice board   big ted and church notice board

Manton (132)


Morcott (133)

big ted and church notice board   big ted hanging on to a gate

South Luffenham (134)



big ted sitting on church wall    


138. Ashwell

big ted sitting on fontI had to sit on the ground for my main photo - it was a little damp. I'm also oddly pink - I don't always look like that I assure you!

Inside, the font has a huge cover (with nothing to hang on to) so I had to sit below it for my photo.

321. Ayston

big ted sitting on fontMy very last St Mary's in Rutland (I hope!) and I had to do one of my "levitating bear" stunts for my main photo - there was just nowhere to sit. As you can see from the sign, this church is looked after by the nice people at the Churches Conservation Trust.

This is my first outing wearing one of my new T-shirts. I think it looks really good. It's a sort of light blue colour.

Inside, there is a dinky little font which was a bit dirty in the bottom. I hope I didn't make my feet grubby when I sat in it. There are some nice box pews in this church.

140. Clipsham

big ted sitting on fontThis is another church without a notice board, but with a very comfy wall for a bear to sit on instead. Uncle Les managed to get a great photo with the church behind me.

The font cover looks very heavy and is suspended just above the font. I managed to hold onto one of the sticking out bits for my photo. I was very careful not to make the cover move too much or touch the font. I took off my hat for this photo to reduce the weight. (I may be a BIG Ted, but I'm also a very light Ted as I'm not allowed to eat much CAKE.)

135. Ketton

big ted sitting on fontbig ted and church notice boardThey don't seem to go in for notice boards much in Rutland. Mind you, this St Mary's had a very handy lych gate for me to sit in instead. I then found that the notice board was in the porch instead (so I had to have another photo taken, of course)!

The font was suitable for a good bear photo too. I see Uncle Les has managed to get in the "Please mind the step" sign as well.  There was also a huge fabric picture in this church called Ketton 2000. Lots of people had made different bits of it and sewn it all together; it was really very interesting.

137. Edith Weston

big ted sitting on fontWell, this is a funny name for a village - I'm sure it's really a lady's name!

The church is very nice though. It has a very interesting square font, with a square font cover and a big cross on the top.

181. Greetham

big ted sitting on fontbig ted and drum kitHurrah! At last, my final St Mary's church in Rutland - and what a splendid St Mary's it is.

It has a square font, which is a bit different. But much better than that, it has a drum kit! I want one for my St Mary's - I could join in all the services then, 'specially the really quiet bits!

132. Manton

big ted sitting on fontI met a lady with a friendly dog outside this church. She was very nice and interested in what I was doing (the lady, not the dog). This was my first St Mary's in Rutland. It was rather cold so I made sure my hat covered my ears to keep them safe.

The church was open so I went inside to look around. As you can see, the font is quite big and is sitting on three legs. I'm sitting on the font and have two legs.

133. Morcott

big ted sitting on fontbig ted in porch windowIn this St Mary's a lady was playing the organ just for me! [I think if you remember correctly, you'll find she was practising hymns for Advent, Big Ted].

The font had an iron ring on its cover and the porch had a lovely little window (two more photo opportunities for a photogenic bear!)

134. South Luffenham

big ted sitting on fontSouth Luffenham is near North Luffenham, which made me luff! [Good grief, Big Ted!]

In this church, all the kneelers live on top of the pews (maybe they've got mouses!). But it looks quite pretty 'cos you can see all the designs on them.

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