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As Roving Ambassador for St Mary's church in Plumtree, I visited lots of other St Mary's churches around the country. Just to be clear, 'cos there are so many churches, I visit Church of England (and Wales) churches dedicated only to "St Mary", "St Mary the Virgin" or "The Blessed Virgin Mary". So I won't visit a church dedicated to "St Mary and St Bartholomew" or "St Mary's Eyebrow" [snigger]. I do visit the occasional closed church too - they're usually looked after by the nice people at the Churches Conservation Trust.

With a little assistance, I've described all my visits on these pages. They're mostly sorted by county (apart from where I've only visited one church in a county and so it's lumped in with a neighbouring county for easiness). And all of Wales is on one page at the moment.

I used to add links to the church's website or Facebook pages (if I could find them) but I've stopped that now. With so many St Mary's visited it was tricky making sure the link thingys were still correct.

Now I've retired and moved to Kib, I still visit St Mary's churches (mainly 'cos Uncle Les has got a massive list of them with only 380 or so crossed off), but I'm slowing down a bit - allowing for more snoozes between churches.


link to big ted's county map COUNTY MAP
This map shows the different counties where I've visited St Mary's Churches. You can click on a county to read about all the churches I've been to in that county
link to big ted's detailed map DETAILED MAP
I've also made a more detailed map which pinpoints the exact location of all the churches that I've visited (and other places I've been as well).
link to big ted's alphabetical list ALPHABETICAL LIST
And there's even an alphabetical list of all the wonderful villages which have St Mary's churches that I've visited.


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