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Plumtree Church - Then and Now

Exterior View

The composite image below is made up of a photo of St Mary's in Plumtree taken from the south-east in about 1900 (the left-paw one) and a similar view taken in 2016 (the right-paw one). Please note that I was only there in 2016 and not in 1900!

Click and drag the slider to compare the two images.

As you can see, the main differences are the amount of greenery on the south wall in the old photo, and the appearance of the lamppost rescued from the old Trent Bridge in the newer photo.

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Interior View

And these photos are of the interior. The left-paw, old, one is taken from a glass negative from about 1900; the right-paw, new, one is the same scene much more recently (sadly it doesn't show the Children's Corner where I used to live).

The main differences are the gas lamps in the old photo and the radiator at the back of the church on the modern photo.

The candelabra are the same in both photos, but seem to be lower down in the 1900 photo, presumably to make the candles easy to light (nowadays they use a stepladder - I keep well out of the way 'cos of flammable splendid fur and such).