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big ted's bungee jumpThere I was, sitting innocently in the Children's Corner in St Mary's Church, Plumtree (well, I didn't really know that at the time, but I found out later) when I was snatched up, put in a car, driven three miles, tied into a harness and then thrown from a great height off a cherry picker!

Fortunately, I was tied to a bit of elastic and was safely lowered to the ground after having bounced up and down for a nauseating length of time. [You can read the full story of my bungee jump in my first Magazine Article.] The picture's a bit tricky 'cos I was moving quite fast and Uncle Les was trying to keep up; but yes, that's me on the way down (or was it on the way back up again?).

But really, what an introduction to life as a Roving Ambassador.

That was the start of it all. Since then I have travelled the world (that's prob'ly a bit of an exaggeration, but I've been around a lot of England and into Wales as well). I mostly visit other St Mary's churches to see what they're like, meet their church bears (some are very big) and to gen'rally say "Hello".

I have my photo taken a lot - well I am very photogenic with splendid fur and impressive ears. [And don't forget the huge feet, Big Ted! - Humph, that's not nice, Little Ted!]

And, since you are reading this, you know I put my photos on my website (this one) and sometimes write about things for the parish magazine. I do have a little assistance as I'm not too good with the keyboard - the buttons are really quite small and I have large paws [They match your large feet, Big Ted (Heh!, Heh!)]

You can find out more about my (previously unknown) history on my new page: Do you have a label?

Love, Big Ted big ted's paw print

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