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This is my new "Home County". Considering I used to live quite near to Leicestershire in Nottinghamshire, I've not visited many St Mary's churches in the county. Now that I actually live here I'll have to see if I can do better! Click on a picture to read a bit more about the church (and maybe see more pictures of me!).

Update June 2022: I've just visited a few more local St Mary's churches - what fun!

Anstey (386)


Ashby Magna (389)

big ted and church notice board   big ted and no church notice board

Bitteswell (116)


Bottesford (174)

big ted and church notice board   big ted sitting on a gate

Broughton Astley (388)


Carlton Curlieu (322)

big ted and church notice board   big ted sitting on the fence

Cotesbach (117)


Freeby (183)

big ted and church notice board   big ted sitting on church wall

Garthorpe (182)


Harby (172)

big ted sitting on church wall   big ted and church notice board

Lutterworth (115)


Market Harborough (339)

big ted and church notice board   big ted by the notice

Nether Broughton (171)


Nevill Holt (393)

big ted sitting on a fence   big ted sitting in a hedge

Potters Marston (387)


Sileby (302)

big ted sitting in the churchyard   big ted and church notice board

Willoughby Waterleys (390)

big ted and church notice board    


116. Bitteswell

big ted sitting on fontThis notice board doesn't say very much does it? I went inside the church and had a good look around. Uncle Les took a photo of me on the font next to some pretty harvest flowers, of course. Outside, there's a flagpole on top of the tower that's at a funny angle (the flagpole, not the tower). I wonder how they put flags up there.

174. Bottesford

big ted sitting on fontThis is a very big church on the Nottinghamshire/Leicestershire border. It's very bright inside and has lots of statues in the chancel which must make it tricky getting communion. [There are a number of ornate monuments and tombs in the chancel, Big Ted; these include tombs for the first eight Earls of Rutland and their wives.]

322. Carlton Curlieu

This is a nice looking church but I couldn't get inside as it was locked. It's quite close to where I live so maybe I'll get in there another time. It doesn't have a very interesting noticeboard though, so Uncle Les just went for a more artistic shot of ME and the church!

117. Cotesbach

big ted stuck in a gateThis church has its tower in a very funny place. It also has some nice wooden gates on the porch to keep livestock out of the church - but not sufficient to stop an intrepid bear getting stuck in them accidentally on purpose!.

183. Freeby

view through a windowThis is just down the road from Garthorpe and is looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust. We couldn't get in here either but I got a nice picture looking in through a window. Everything is covered up, maybe they have bats!

182. Garthorpe

This is a closed church also looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust.

If we'd been there the day before, the church would have been open and we could have got in. (Must talk to the arrangers of my trips, this is just not good enough).

172. Harby

big ted sitting on fontSt Mary's in Harby was open and so I had a good look round (as you do).

I particularly like the cover on the font. It's made of lots of separate pieces of wood that look like bits of banister. So I was able to hang on tight for my photo.

115. Lutterworth

This St Mary's is really big and has a huge churchyard. I think I parked in the wrong place 'cos it took ages to walk to the front of the church (I understand there was a small problem with a one-way system). Sadly the church was closed so I couldn't see inside. It's open for coffee, 10am-12noon, Tuesday to Saturday which would've been nice.

171. Nether Broughton

big ted sitting on a belvoir angelIf you're wondering why I look a bit odd in my main photo with the notice board - well you'd look a bit odd with a railing spike stuck up your trousis!

This St Mary's was locked up, so I used the time to look at the "Belvoir Angels" in the churchyard. There are lots of them (we've only got two at Plumtree, but I saw at least eight here). The one I'm examining here is a really good one and the letters stick out instead of being cut into the stone.

339. Market Harborough

big ted in the gatebig ted and fontI know it doesn't say it on the sign, but this St Mary's is in Market Harborough. It's actually rather broken down (which I had absolutely nothing to do with) and so they don't use it any more. The church they do use is called St Dionysus (now think how short my travels would be if I was looking for churches called that!). The sign's a bit grubby too.

Uncle Les took this rather nice photo of me hanging onto one gate of the church - he was hanging on to a gate at the other side - you can see right through the church, which is most disusual! And then he took this "font photo" for me. As I couldn't get into the church, I sat on a gravestone in the sun and you can just see the mossy font in the church behind me. (It's prob'ly just as well I couldn't get in as I would've ended up with a mossy bottom!)

big ted on tree seatFinally we found this tree seat in the churchyard and Uncle Les took another photo of me sitting in the dappled sunlight (a bit artisticy really). It's an old tree that's been cut down but they've made a bit you can sit in!

302. Sileby

I came here on a day out from home. It wasn't too successful as it was very wet and then it got wetterer (that's why there's no sky in the photo). I sat on a stone wall for my photo beside the sign (that's a very purple sign, isn't it) and Uncle Les had to stand in the road which was a bit dodgy and not at all safe. By the way, that conical thing next to the sign is a pop-up Christmas tree. I bet it looks really jolly when the lights are switched on.

The church was s'posed to be open later that afternoon but I couldn't wait around getting soggy so I went home again!

386. Anstey

This church is in a village on the outskirts of Leicester. I visited it on quite a warm day, but sadly I couldn't go inside to cool off. I was regretting having my cardi on 'cos it was so warm.

I met a nice lady who said "Hello" and told me about a church fair they're having next month. It includes a "Teddies from the Tower" event which sounds rather fun. I might have to start wheedling Uncle Les and Auntie Fiona to bring me to it!

389. Ashby Magna

Isn't it shocking that some churches don't have a noticeboard or other church sign! I sat on the church gate though and admired the foxgloves.

388. Broughton Astley

big ted on tree seatThe church noticeboard is in a hedge on the main road - so not very exciting. The church looks lovely though so I had Uncle Les take another photo of me in front of it. There's a stream and all sorts here which is rather nice.

387. Potters Marston

This is a very, very small church and really quite hard to find. It's through a business park, past a care home and in a noisy farmyard. It doesn't have a noticeboard either. I only knew I was in the right place 'cos there was a big wooden cross on the gable end of the church (but you can't see it in the photo) and 'cos of the gravestones!

390. Willoughby Waterleys

big ted in churchyardI fancied the name of this village and thought there'd be a lovely church to go with it; I was a bit disappointed as the church is hemmed-in by houses and walls and trees and stuff.

The noticeboard is at the bottom of a path to the church with high walls on both sides ('cept where they've fallen down) so I thought I'd get another photo at the church itself.

393. Nevill Holt

big ted at nevill holtThis is a bit of a funny place and it's got a funny name. The church is part of a private estate and you can't see the church prop'ly - only over the wall.

I had Uncle Les take this second picture to prove I was actually there - in my main photo all you can see is me in a hedge! He's tried to highlight me a little in this second photo, but you have to squint a bit to see me (I'm just to the left of the east end of the chancel; directly below the spire).


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