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My History

My History in 14 13 12 Magazine Articles

In May 2023 I visited a place in Essex called Wivenhoe. When I got back they asked if they could write about my visit in their magazine, called Tidings. It's all very exciting, and here it is Tidings - May 2023 (I'm on page 3!). The file's a bit big (over 9 Mega Bears) so please be patient if you have a slow interweb connection.


Somerton News MagaineAfter my travels in October 2021, I was asked to write an article for the lovely people at Somerton News, and here it is in the Somerton News - November 2021 edition. I'm on pages 14 and 18 with some lovely pictures of ME!

My article begins: "West Somerton is the 352nd St Mary's that I've visited since I started travelling around in July 2015! I really like it."


There are also some  excellent pictures of animals in other parts of the magazine - it's well worth a look.


As you probably know, I quite often wrote articles for the Parish Magazine at St Mary's, Plumtree. Here are 12 of the articles I wrote which will give you a bit more stuff about ["insight into" might be a better phrase here, Big Ted] my background. I hope you like reading about my exploits.

I like this photo of me - I'm pretending to be stuck in a metal arty thing in Welshpool (that's in Wales you know). [The sculpture is to commemorate the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway, you are stuck in the "cab" which is made from spanners, Big Ted.]

Little Ted was keeping a scrapbook of my articles in the Children's Corner, but for some reason the clippings got rather squished and cakey. So I said I would make him a special page, here on my website, where he can read all the articles again (and admire my peculiarly prolific purple prose [snigger!]). And this is it. I've saved all my articles as PDF files so you can read them on your computer or phone; just tap on a file name to read the article.

They're in the order I wrote them, so "Big Ted Bounces Back" is my very first article and "Bears on a Bike" is my last one for Plumtree Parish magazine.

The Magazine Articles

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
00 big ted bounces back.pdf02 November 2022512kB
01 the bread run.pdf02 November 2022647kB
02 a busy week.pdf02 November 2022541kB
03 my holidays 2016.pdf02 November 2022730kB
04 life cairn.pdf02 November 2022754kB
05 christmas 2016.pdf02 November 2022500kB
06 fun with candles etc.pdf02 November 2022487kB
07 easter diary 2017.pdf02 November 2022605kB
08 big ted hits 100.pdf02 November 2022543kB
09 big ted carries on.pdf02 November 2022550kB
10 websites and other wonders.pdf02 November 2022177kB
11 a january surprise.pdf02 November 2022212kB
12 bears on a bike.pdf02 November 2022246kB
somerton news nov 2021.pdf02 November 20223.51MB
Tidings may 2023.pdf05 May 20239.43MB