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Travels of a Bear (with splendid fur!)

Welcome to My Website

Hello Dear Reader!

I'm Big Ted, welcome to my excellent website! On these pages I'll let you know the interesting things I've been doing as I travel around. I hope you enjoy exploring the pages and looking at the pictures (which are mostly of me, of course). I like to think that my splendid fur, admirable ears and cute nose make me particularly photogenic.

You can see pictures of all the lovely St Mary's churches I've visited and the other bears that I've met at some of them. If you're very good, I'll make a special list of all the bears so those of you who particularly like bears (and who wouldn't, grrr!) can see them all together.

If you look at my News page you'll get all the details of what I've been up to and where I've been.

Please click on the menu-thingy at the top, or on a picture below, to move to another page. The About Me page is particularly good 'cos it tells you all about me!

Love, Big Ted Big Ted's Paw Print