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Happy Christmas!

Added on 21 December 2023

Hello dear reader, and a Happy Crimble to you!

Big Ted by the Christmas TreeI've woken up from my annual hidernation [I think you mean "hibernation", but it's quite an appropriate typo, Big Ted] (aka "the Big Snooze") to help celebrate the festive season. Someone mentioned the magic words "chocolate" and "CAKE" and tho' I was in a deep sleep it was quite effective at waking me up.

Auntie Fiona and Uncle Les have decorated the Christmas tree for me, which is nice to look at. The photo doesn't really do it justice - all the lights aren't really green; and it's also actually bigger than that and much less wonky. At least I'm not wearing a silly outfit (see My Wardrobe for more about that humiliating experience).

They've also given me this strange star to play with. It lights up at a random time in the afternoon and then automatically goes out when it's my bedtime. Auntie Fiona asked if I'd been playing with the controller thing 'cos she found it odd it went out at MY bedtime. I haven't, honest Guv!

I might ask Uncle Les to take another photo for me. Mind you I'm not sure if I trust him to get it right! - he's been playing with photos and keeps coming up with pictures WITHOUT ME IN THEM!!! It's outrageous; a total disgrace!! [That's quite enough exclamation marks, Big Ted!] You'll see what I mean if you go to my page "Can you find me?"

Anyway, I'd better go and supervise. Auntie Fiona is hanging Christmas cards behind my chair and I want to make sure they're not going to fall on top of me.

Have a lovely Christmas, and don't eat too many sprouts!

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