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Grumbling bear

Grumbling bear

Added on 08 July 2023

Hello again readers,

I was s'posed to be on holiday again today but the naughty car is playing up again so we came back home after just three hours (one of which was spent at the side of a very nasty motorway)! I met another nice AA man though (other breakdown services are available) and he stopped the car's horrid beeping and made sure we got home safely. Apparently one of the fuel injectors is playing up (a diff'rent one from last time) and so the car doesn't like going on motorways. I was all packed too with my spare T-shirts neatly folded in the suitcase. And Uncle Les had lots of lists of new St Mary's churches for me to visit.

He says we'll have a "staycation" instead and he's looking for some local St Mary's for me to visit (they have to be close enough so the car won't have to do anything too hard - it is booked in to be fixed, but not for 10 days though).

So here I am, back in Kib and after a silly hot day yesterday, now it is gloomy and raining! Boo, grumble!

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