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Norfolk contains the first St Mary's church I ever visited (except the St Mary's in Plumtree where I grew up, but that doesn't count). It's in Broad Lane in Brancaster. I thought the photo of me outside it wasn't very good, so I persuaded my associates to take me back to Norfolk, get a better picture and (maybe) visit a few other St Mary's churches in the process. It took a while, but look at them all! What a lot of lovely St Mary's.

And I've been back again, again! There still are a lot of St Mary's in Norfolk that I've not visited so I've had to be a bit selective about where I go!

Please note: I saw a lot of broken down churches - or bits of churches - on my travels in Norfolk. I would like to assure my lovely readers that I was not responsible for them falling down; I never even touched them!

I've now visited 68 St Mary's churches in Norfolk. Auntie Fiona says that's quite enough for any bear - I will have to be more choosy when selecting holiday locations next time!. According to Uncle Les's list (and we all know how accurate that can be - snigger) there are 139 St Mary's churches in Norfolk altogether so I'm nearly half way through!

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