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...and I'm back

Added on 20 May 2023

Hello again lovely reader.

Big Ted on a Big LogI'm back from my latest holiday. We were staying near King's Lynn in the left-hand bit of Norfolk (most people use the term "West" when referring to locations in this way, Big Ted.) so I visited lot's more Norfolk churches; I've visited 62 now, which Auntie Fiona says is "quite enough" (I'm not so sure though - snigger). Uncle Les took this picture of me on a big log near the church in a village called Gayton Thorpe - the picture is titled "Big Ted on a Big Log" which I think is rather funny.

I also went the other way one day (You travelled westwards - towards the West, Big Ted) and visited some churches in Lincolnshire. The day was not too successful as most roads in Lincolnshire were being dug up and everybody (including the Sat Nav lady) was getting fed up.

We were holidaying at the time of the King's Coronation so there were quite a few churches with flowers and flags, which was nice. I pretended they were all for me!

Auntie Fiona has helped me update these pages but I've still got to do my Alphabetical List and Detailed Map - I'll let you know when I've done them.

PS I've done them now, you can see them by clicking on these links: Alphabetical List and Detailed Map

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