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Last trip of the year?

Added on 14 October 2022

Hello Dear Reader,

Big Ted in a porch windowI've been off on a little jollyday again 'cos Auntie Fiona didn't fancy cooking on her birthday. We stayed in a hotel in Warwick; when I say "we" it would be more accurate to say they stayed in the hotel and I was stuffed in the boot of the car and left to entertain myself. There were plenty of opportunities for snoozing, but it got a bit chilly at night and was a bit scary.

Anyway, it was only a short trip but I managed to visit six new St Mary's churches, and I revisited one just to check it was still there (it was). I've written all about the churches on my Warwickshire & West Midlands page, I've listed all the new villages on my Big Ted's Alphabetical List and I've added the new blobs to Big Ted's Detailed Map. This picture is of me at St Mary's Wolverton.

I was s'posed to have visited two other churches as well but we either couldn't find them or couldn't get near them! Sigh!

This is prob'ly my last holiday this year - which is just as well; I have to do an awful lot of writing when I get back from a holiday. And it's getting into hibernation season. Yawn!

Big Ted's Paw PrintLove from,
Big Ted