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Norfolk again!

Added on 17 May 2022

St Mary's church Fishley, showing its round towerAnother trip to Norfolk, but to a different part of it this time. And I saw lots of lovely St Mary's churches, and most of them were open for ME to look around. [I don't want you to give your reader the impression that the churches were open just for you, they were open for anyone to visit, Big Ted]

I visited one church at Fishley with a lovely round tower (see the photo on the right) - I like them in particular, I think they must have been really tricky to build. I am in this photo, but you might have to squint to see me! (You can click on it for a bigger picture).

There was also one St Mary's, at Thrigby, that I tried to visit but I was befelled (or do I mean befuddled?) by a number of problems - Auntie Fiona couldn't park safely nearby; Uncle Les would have had to stand in the middle of the road to take my picture; and there was a Wildlife Garden with wild animals on three sides of the church! Since I didn't have a photo taken at it, I haven't added it to my list. Frankly, I think it was a lucky escape, I could have been "Tednapped" and de-stuffed by a Sumatran Tiger! What a horrible way to go.

This time ALL the churches were in the one county, Norfolk, so that should make it easier for my assistant to update my website without too many rude words! I am assured that this will happen soon. [You are a cheeky bear, Big Ted! It's actually not much easier as you have now visited over 40 St Mary's in Norfolk and they have to be arranged alphabetically. Stick to the Ws, it's much easier!].

Update: I've just been informed that my Norfolk page has been updated and all the new St Mary's churches have been added with lots of lovely photos of ME!


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